Commercial Bifold Doors

Before you begin your next commercial project in Denver, talk to Santa Fe Glass about our glass bifold doors, an innovative product from LaCantina Doors. As a Denver architect or contractor, you’ll be able to provide your clients with bifolding doors for their home or business, an exciting product they’ll love. Bifolding doors connect the outdoors with the indoors through an easy installation process. Glass bifold doors will take the décor of any home, office, restaurant, bar, store, or any other business to the next level by increasing the amount of natural sunlight and fresh air that comes into your client’s building. If you’re a Denver architect or contractor looking for an exciting product to offer to your clients, LaCantina bifold doors from Santa Fe Glass are it!

Denver Commercial Bifold Door Options

As a Denver architect or contractor, you know that clients look to you for ideas and products that will make their home or business stand out from all the others. That’s where bifolding doors from Santa Fe Glass come in. When installed in a home or business, a bifold door will open up any space beautifully, changing the look of their décor. In addition, glass bifold doors are easy to open, close, and secure, providing your clients with the versatility to change their home or business as they see fit. Since every home and business, including restaurants, bars, night clubs, retail stores, and office complexes, are different, bifold doors are available in a variety of materials. To reduce heating and cooling costs, low-e glass is available in all bifold door systems. Introduce your clients to the wealth of bifold door options from Santa Fe Glass today.

Wood Bifold Doors

With wood LaCantina bifold doors from Santa Fe Glass, your clients will be able to connect the splendor of the outdoors with the indoors. As a Denver architect or contractor, you’ll appreciate the functionality of wood bifolding doors, while your clients will appreciate their uniqueness and beauty. Wood bifold doors are available in vertical-grain Douglas Fir or African Mahogany wood. Custom-wood bifolding doors are available upon request.

Aluminum Bifold Doors

Perfect in commercial businesses, including restaurants, office complexes, and retail stores, aluminum bifold doors are an outstanding addition to any décor. Aluminum bifold doors use more glass and let more natural sunlight into any space, making these a great choice for business owners and homeowners alike. Aluminum bifolding doors are available in clear or bronze anodized or white colors.

Clad-Wood Bifold Doors

As a Denver architect or contractor, your clients will look to you for advice on choosing the right bifolding doors for their home or business. If your client’s new bifold door will be exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or snow, you may want to recommend they select clad-wood bifold doors. Clad-wood bifold doors will remain sturdy, durable, and low-maintenance, despite the extreme elements they will be exposed to.

Aluminum Wood Bifold Doors

If your client loves the look of a wood bifold door, but wants the sturdiness of an aluminum bifold door, suggest aluminum wood bifold doors for their home or business. Aluminum wood bifolding doors are available in vertical-grain Douglas fir or African Mahogany wood and come with concealed multi-point locks for security.

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